Our Story

Ugogo is the convergence of modern design, youthful energy, and the rich traditions of golf. Born in Surrey, England by two seasoned golf professionals.  Ugogo was conceptualised with a profound passion for modern design, seamlessly blended with a deep love for golf. The brand consistently endeavours to make a powerful and colourful impact on its favourite game, while honouring the sport and its time-honoured traditions.

Ugogo Golf Gloves was founded on the idea that golfers should never compromise on performance and feel. Initiated with the intention to shake up the golf glove industry, our mission is to provide golfers with a superior, more reliable product. As professional golfers ourselves, we encountered the challenge of finding gloves that fit properly and feel great. In response, we introduced the high Premier Cabretta glove—a product that combines attractiveness, vibrancy, and top-quality design for a flexible and well-fitting experience. We understand the importance of cost and durability in the realm of super-premium golf gloves.

Our passion lies in ensuring that golfers feel great and confident when wearing our product. We adhere to a commitment that we will never produce a product we wouldn't personally wear on the golf course. Our mission revolves around innovation, dedication, and superior customer care. Every order placed online is significant to us, and we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. This commitment allows all our customers the opportunity to provide genuine feedback on both our service and products.